(x) Serif text face and italic w/ swash caps in 1962 USGA book - Devinne, MT Baskerville {Patricia}

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From a book published in '62... I'm pretty sure the body is Century Expanded, but not 100%. I've never seen a swash version of Century for the header ("The Start of the USGA"). Is it a different face altogether? Thanks in advance.

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I would have to agree with Century, But I'm sure about the top one!

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I wouldn't be surprised if some metal foundry produced a swash version of Century Italic and it's never been digitized.

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The header looks like Baskerville italic (monotype)


I think the text font is DeVinne.


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Well done, Patty.

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Excellent. I should've picked up the Baskerville header type—that swashy T should have given it away. (Hits head repeatedly on desk.)

I'd never heard of DeVinne, though. Century wasn't too far off, apparently:
This revival of the Bruce Foundry’s No. 11 is typical of the nineteenth century types derived from the work of Didot and Bodoni; the face remains popular with lawyers and government printers. In fact, Theodore Low De Vinne opposed this kind of design as hard to print and read; he had Century designed to replace it.
(From the MyFonts description.)

Thanks, Patty!

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