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Short Family Short Style breakdown

On Twardoch's MSN Groups Font Family Naming in FontLab the family grouping only covers the 'Short Family' and 'Short Style' from Light through Bold and Condensed.

I'm curious what the Short Family and Short Style would be for a 'Black' or 'UltraLight' or 'Thin'?

Being that

My Garamond | Light becomes My Garamond Lt | Regular


My Garamond | Bold becomes My Garamond Rg | Bold

is it assumed that

My Garamond | Thin would become My Garamond Th | Regular


My Garamond | Black would become My Garamond Rg | Black

Is there any documents that show the breakdown of all font style possibilities between Long and Short families as well as Long and Short styles?


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The "Short style" should always be one of the four: "Regular", "Italic", "Bold", "Bold Italic". An easy way to construct the "Short family" name is for those fonts that will have "Regular" as their Short style to take the "Long family" and append the "Long style" to it (separated by space). All the fonts with a Short style equal "Italic", "Bold" or "Bold Italic" should, of course, have the "Short family" be the same as that of the corresponding "Regular" short style.