Which foundry sells the comprehensive, every-language-and-style package of FF Kievit?

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I noticed that FontFont sells every style for Western and Eastern European encodings of FF Kievit, but not the Cyrillic and other varieties as well. The latter is sold by Paratype, either through the FontFont or Paratype online stores. Where can I get the "omnibus" edition with all languages and styles?

Actually I have the same question regarding ITC Charter, as I get confused by its distribution by different vendors as well. Is this an issue of licensing, or of farming out the work to create all the localized glyphs?


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At FontShop, obviously:
I'm not aware of any other "varieties" that would exist, in terms of character sets.

As for Charter, look at my post at


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It does seem that fontshop sells the Cyrillic/Baltic versions as well.


I don't see an über package that combines eastern+western but I'd imagine they could help if you contacted them directly.
Perhaps Mr Coles may even show up to lend his hand.

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Hi Enrico. FontShop does indeed sell every version of FF Kievit. Perhaps you missed a few because you were browsing our site with the non-Western fonts filter turned on. See the top of your search results page to see if that's the case, but here's a list of all the FF Kievit packages.

Twardoch's recommendation is the best one. FF Kievit Pro includes all the multilingual character sets in a single, convenient OpenType font for each style.

For your future reference here's a table of all the OpenType FontFonts and which languages they support.

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I was half-hoping the solution was more ridiculous so I could feel better about myself. Still, thanks for lighting the path :)


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And Mr. Twardoch, that was quite the explanation of all the sources of Charter, too!

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