Aliased internet address, similar to Lucida Sans

OK, my first eyeball said Lucida Sans, but there are some differences. Any ideas?


My eyeball doesn’t see anything.


Think there talking about the small screenshot of web text...

Rez +

The email address is the image...

Oh, my bad.
Well, it could be about anything, if done in PS with anti-aliasing turned off.

it could be about anything

Yes – and no. It’s likely not Geneva, Verdana, Trebuchet or Lucida Grande. More like Myriad or Frutiger.

The distinct characteristic that distinguish it, as I see it, from Lucida Sans (and Frutiger & Univers, among others), is the angle of the 'a' in the @ sign.

Lucida Sans has, unlike Lucida Grande, a slightly inclined ‘@’ …

Anyone else?

This could be so many things.