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WinSoft revolutionises Arabic typesetting with launch of Tasmeem

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WinSoft revolutionises Arabic typesetting with launch of Tasmeem

Dear All,

We are taking the liberty to inform you about Tasmeem Edition (www.tasmeem.eu)

Tasmeem is a set of plug-ins and fonts for Adobe InDesign CS3 Middle Eastern version, specifically conceived for Arabic. It makes InDesign the most comprehensive Arabic typesetting and design tool in the industry and is set to revolutionise Arabic typesetting.

“Since our inception, we have been committed to providing innovative applications for Middle Eastern enabled software,” said Pierre Blangero, Chairman and CEO, WinSoft. “We have now gone one step further with the launch of our revolutionary Arabic typesetting software. Tasmeem not only provides advanced Arabic typography quality - close to calligraphy – but retains the beauty and legibility of Arabic text even when computer-generated.”

The Tasmeem family includes three product members and each of them has been tailored to specific user group requirements. Tasmeem Limited Edition is dedicated to every customer who wishes to use Tasmeem fonts, Aridi ArtWorks, and open and print documents created by Tasmeem products. Tasmeem Creative Edition meets the expectations of designers who create advertisements, front pages, greeting and business cards. Tasmeem™ Publisher Edition takes thing to the ultimate level. The features are dedicated to Publishing Houses. It offers professional tools to create sophisticated Arabic literary and academic books.

WinSoft also releases two elaborate fonts – the Naskh and the Emiri - that can be used for various script styles, including new forms created by young designers.
“We are confident Tasmeem will appeal to all Arabic users, especially designers and publishers who will no longer be bound by the technological limitations of old type-founding and printing methods,” added Blangero.

Adobe customers have the great opportunity to discover Tasmeem Family with a special
bundle: Tasmeem Limited Edition is included in all Adobe Creative Suites 3 Design.

More information and tryout on www.tasmeem.eu.

About WinSoft SA (www.winsoft.eu)
WinSoft, a French software company based in Grenoble and founded in 1985, is specialised in the design, development, localisation and publishing of software in emerging markets. As a strategic partner of Apple Computer, and Adobe Systems since 1995, WinSoft has extensive experience in helping software publishers successfully to introduce and expand their business in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia. WinSoft expertise ranges from software engineering and localisation, to production and sales and right through to in-country marketing and distribution.

WinSoft press and public relations department

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Saw the presentation for this at Typecon. Simply brilliant work.