Font ID for original Wizard of OZ moive poster

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This looks a lot like Poor Richard and Metropolis, but isn't quite either one of them. What is the official name when the "t" and "h" in "The" are linked?

Many thanks--I'm a novice font fanatic.

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I meant "movie" poster.

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The reason it doesn't look exactly like any font is that it was probably hand lettered, not typeset.

> What is the official name when the “t” and “h” in “The” are linked?


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Hi Anne,

Welcome to Typophile.

I’m afraid I can’t help you on this one.
Where is this from (how old is it)?
Could it be pre-digital? It could be hand-drawn as well.

I suggest you post font ID requests on the Type ID Board so all of the other experts get their chance and your chances to get this identified get much better.


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Thanks to the 2 experts who concur that this was probably hand-lettered. It is from the original movie poster for the Wizard of Oz, which is a 1939 movie.

Also, thanks for educating me on a "ligature."

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