(x) "Madeline and The Gypsies" brush-like lettering - similar to Cartoon Bold {Mike F}

But i have seen it so much im sure its been turned into a font . Dose anyone know what it is ???


The italic weights of Montara are similar:


FF Sale is another brush italic.

FF sale is good but alittle too contemp
think its time is dust off the brush

thank very much tho

If you've got a brush and the skills, by all means use 'em!

That lettering brought to my mind immediately Cartoon Bold (Howard Allen Trafton, 1936). I don't know why no one has made a mainstream digital version of this, because it is still seen in use all the time.

There are digital version out there, including David Rakowski's Adineski Bold, Fontbank's Caricature and Cancun on CorelDraw CDs.