Is it Rotis Sans?

Hey there,

I hope you can help me out. I'm looking for the font which is used in the attached sample. I think it's a Rotis Sans however the ampersand does not match the Rotis Sans ampersand i know. Maybe a different ampersand is used, maybe it's not a Rotis Sans at all. Voices in my head say that Lucas de Groot is somehow involved, however I cannot find anything LucasFonts-related. Any help is appreciated!



Your instincts were right. It's definitely Rotis Sans Serif which has a pretty nontraditional ampersand which they couldn't handle, so substituted it with something else.

Ah, alright! Must say the ampersand used is quite a good one, good enough to throw me off the Rotis Sans hunch. Thanks for the help Stephen! Much appreciated.

looks like a 'gothic' ampersand... franklin, news, something like that... must remember to use it next time i have to use rotis, i really hate its ampersand :-)