Latina sans

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I m working on this font since some time ago. Every feedback will be welcome.
Thanks from Argentina

latina1.swf (23 k)

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Alejandro, you have really worked out a nice sans. The one blaring thing that you have to work out is that

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Ale - This is your finest and most mature work yet.

I'm impressed that you've managed to work decent-sized
accents into a face with a pretty large x-height, although it
could be a problem at smaller sizes (hard to tell on-screen
what 9 pt. would look like).

I also dig the alt characters, but I don't quite buy the 'e'
for the roman yet. Needs more balance somehow.

The stroke contrast is nice. Overall, it's a clean sans with
the organic feel of the pen. Very lovely.

I like the italic best - let's see more of it.

P.S. Very sneaky with the
propaganda-laced specimen
text. I'm with you.

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I just want to point out that there is already a typeface out there called "Latina" (both serif and sans) by Iñigo Jerez Quintana. It was included in ATypI's Bukva:raz competition.

-- K.

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Thanks guys for the comments. I will try to work the e and complete the italics but I really want to finish the regular at first.
The alt e, g and a are included in the regular but because it was a start for the furure italic.
(I dont know if its the right way but its my process) I think that italic its more practical to design after have all the roman glyph completed. (sorry my poor english)

Ken: was a font called Latina one of the winners of the contest? and..there are not a House Industries font called Latina too? (I cant remember now).

Anyway Latina could be changed and.. what is the name you imagine for this font? (not only a question for Ken :)

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Es muy bueno. :) I think the acute accent on the o needs to be moved to the right a bit. It looks like it's geometrically centered, but it needs to be optically centered.


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I don't think there were any "winners" in the Bukva:raz competition; you were either in or out. The House Industries product is known as the "Latino Collection" (masc. not fem.) but neither of the two fonts is actually called Latino. They're Samba and Rumba.

-- Kent.

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Actually, it's the "Latino!" collection. You're not
supposed to ignore how exciting! it is.

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Yes Ken you are right, I remeber now that it was a HI collection and not a font.

I didnt see around the Latina font you mentioned so its hard to imagine what names are taken.

I remeber that House Ind called Global a font and its was use by Garage and T26. They should turn it to Bullet. And Garage to New Global.

Anyway a more critical analysis from you maybe I expected.

Sorry for my english and good weekend.

PS. Why americans and europeans asociate Latino with hot and excite? Argentinians are different than chilenos, peruanos, uruguayos? I think the hot latinoamericans are only the brazilians and the caribeans...just a doubt

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> Why americans and europeans asociate Latino with hot and excite?

It's all relative, my man.
Jim Thompson, the world's top textile trader about a 100 years ago, moved from NYC to Bangkok because he wanted a faster pace...


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e: el rulo de la "e" debería resolverse de forma descendente, y no de la manera realizada. tal vez se pierda la "gracia" que has querido asignarle, pero no es correcta la forma actual de la letra "e", no se unifica con las demas, del sistema.
e: the roller of the "e" would have to be solved of descendent form, perhaps and of the made way the "grace" is not lost that you have wanted to assign to him, but is not correct the present form of the letter "and", is not unified with others, of the system.

w: está muy comprimida en su base.
w: its very compressed in your base.

L: ésta letra podria llevar en su base el mismo serif que se insinúa en la letra "a" .
L: this letter could take in its base same serif that is insinuated in letter "a".

a: esta letra es una de las que mas identidad le otorga a "latina", deberías pensar como transladar estas cualidades formales a las demás. sobre todo deberías prestarle atención al bastón horizontal de la misma.
a: this letter is one of which but identity "Latin" grants to him, you would have to think as to transfer these formal qualities to the others mainly you would have to pay attention to him to the horizontal cane of the same one.

saludos! ;) sebas

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latina by Jerez

Here's the Latina mentionned above by Kent. Honorable mention in the U and lc type design competition. U and lc magazine vol. 25 no. 1 : summer 1998

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Well, I ll have to change the name. My really big problem is to finish the font before choose the name. :-)

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guys, finally Latina sans is called Latinaires and its part of the first release of Sudtipos, a brand new argentinian foundry. Take a look!

thanks for the help!

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Congratulations. We got a new useful type!

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I hope it'll be a a success :-) I personally think its a great typeface.

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I agree -- this is a beauty! Best of luck with its release! :-)


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