Tiny Typeface?

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I'm designing a ruler with millimeter marks on it, with requirements for numbers every two millimeters. Currently I'm setting it at 4.5pt Univers Condensed and it looks pretty good, but I'd love some other suggestions for condensed fonts that are highly legible at small sizes. Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer.

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When all else fails (yeah,yeah,yeah); Helvetica ... maybe Neue 57?

Meta, though, beautiful old style numerals.

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A question: why are you reinventing the wheel? Have you never seen the
Schaedler Precision Ruler? It is without doubt one of the best rulers
ever manufactured. Expensive, though.

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hello Paul Kimball, I am looking for "meta condensed". you have it? :) thanks!

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film scale, thats what its all about. If you guys dont have one of these they are the best. broken into 1/10'ths of inchs. quite handy at times. just my .02


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Maybe Bell Centennial

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celeste small text from fontfont.com, specially designed for

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I wound up going with a 5 pt Meta Condensed Book- Expert. Although I too love the old style numerals, ror a ruler the ascenders and descenders were just too jumpy. Thanks for the help, folks!

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