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can I have comments from type experts on the type I created from
other fonts for a logo I am doing.

thank you

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Tried to view your jpg, but the following message appears:

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

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oups, the jpg was in cmyk,

here it is

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What is it for?

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a people circus,

Éloize means: a night by the beach thunder in a north region of Quebec.
It is a slang word. It is not a big ''BANG''. It is more a thunder with
little noise that create a lot of light in the sky.

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It is also a redesign of there actual logo.
The ''Z'' need to stand out (representing a bit the flow of a Eloize thunder

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sample needs to be bigger, and you might get more feedback that way.

also, it should be in the critique section, and you only need to start one thread. :)

that said .... :)

• Bottom horizontal stroke on the C seems too short.

• stress on the O is completely different than the C and Q above. Not sure that you
need the angled stress on the O.

• Cirque colors light compared to Eloize, not sure if that's your intention. Cirque feels like it's too small.

• kerning needs some work. Compare the E-L combo, for example, to the O-I.

• the Z-E seems like it would work better if the Z was longer and extended further right, which would also help narrow the large gap.

• The tail on the Q ... maybe it should mimic the Z?

best of luck eric.

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The Z does not conform to the feel of the other characters. It has a sweeping swash tail as opposed to a straight line terminating in a curve.
If you're going to take the Z away from the style of the other letterforms, you could explore playing with the Z so it is perhaps more illustrative - suggestive of a bolt of lightning or something similar (which will tie in with your Eloize theme). It needs some thought and sensitivity though.

BJ harvey makes a good observation with the C, Q and O not being the same. Id choose one or the other and stick to it.


Wicked Design Potions

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thanks guys,

these are really good comments.

Now, back to work

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