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A year ago I read about a font that truncated the spelling of words to mimic the abbreviated spelling that you often find in text messages and instant messaging. For example, this font would truncate "Vancouver" to "Vncvr".

What was this font?

Was it a Spiekermann design?

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Hi Paul,

yes, that was FF Mt™.
Check the release date.

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Yes (it was by Spiekermann). The font’s name was FF Mt. Was/is a free download from Fontshop. The font is actually FF Meta without some vowels.

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Wasn't this a free FontShop download? It's not currently available, as near as I can tell.

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Kaum zurück, schon schneller als ich.

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Marc: Still available.
Jan: Hehe!

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> The font is actually FF Meta without some vowels.

More precisely: there are vowels in FF Mt, but they are only as small caps at x-height.

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