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Communication Design Project

I'm a university student studying design ... The quarter's project for a class called "Communication Design" is to investigate the day of our birth through research, interviews, etc ... we're to categorize the information into three categories (local, national, and global) and communicate our findings graphically in three posters.

This is my poster for LOCAL (right now its tabloid size ... will be blown up later) ... love to hear suggestions feedback blabla ..

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I think the layout is really great and I love the "route" - you can't get much more local than that, I think it was ingenious.

The date the way it is behind all the text is really throwing me. By relying on the date as the background, I don't know how you would make the posters look materially different for the local, national, and global from a decently far perspective.

The body copy is just a little too tiny for me as well. Maybe that was what you went for, an impression of something and then information that you would "uncover" as you got closer? Not entirely sure there.

Also, and I mention this because it was an AMAZING piece of advice from an old professor that I defied once, much to my ensuing pain: always construct your mechanicals at final size or bigger, if at all possible. If you are blowing your poster up it can change some of your weighting or proportions visually and then you have to rework which can get aggravating.

Good start!