First time type design from long time type fan.

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Created this typeface with FontForge after getting the bug one afternoon to finally (10 years after college) do something that I've wanted to do ever since I discovered the department's racks of lead type, and the stacks of specimen books in the graphic design lab.

Anyway, the result is, I think, sort of a cross between a humanist sans-serif and a display/handwritten font.

I laid out the stroke weights and shapes mostly by sight and comparison. I wanted, at larger sizes, more variety than you get with typical sans-serifs, but without verging too far into the script/hand written side of things.

Anyway, let me know what you think.

PS: No kerning pairs yet. Still trying to get good sidebearings.


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BTW, if the sample PDF isn't up there, here's a direct link:

Urbino Sample

I named the font Urbino because I think it combines something of an uncial flair with a humanist aesthetic, and Urbino was, in the early Renaissance, a center of humanist education.

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