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Enotmik: Please critique

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Antonio Carusone's picture
Joined: 19 Apr 2007 - 7:06pm
Enotmik: Please critique

So I posted this typeface back in the summer and I received a lot of help and I think I have finalized it. I'm really happy with the letterforms but I wanted to see what some of you thought. It's obviously a display face and yes it does pay homage to Avant Garde. It was also designed based on a grid.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.

Alfred's picture
Joined: 28 Jan 2008 - 5:45pm

It looks very interesting to me. I like it!

But I have some questions:

- Why do the apex and vertex of the letter N end peaked? In my opinion it should be like the M, V and W.
- The upper end of the G's throat seems to end above the arms and crossbars of E, F and H.
- Why did you fill the bold glyphs' counters? It looks like stencils, but why? It's not what the font looks like.
- I think, that the curly braces don't fit in your obvious concept. They don't seem to be created on the grid.

But nevertheless, I like the font! Especially, I like the M, Y and Q.
What about the lowercase?

Antonio Carusone's picture
Joined: 19 Apr 2007 - 7:06pm

Alfred, thanks! I'll answer your questions in order.

1. I made the vertices that way on the "N" because if I kept it consistent with the M, V and W, the "N" looks too wide. It didn't fit in and felt bigger than all the other letterforms. It also makes the N unique.

2. I see what you are saying but I can assure you it's aligned with the E, F and H. It's possibly an optical illusion, which I don't see, but I will explore it.

3. I filled in the counters to give the typeface a unique feature. I like it a lot, especially when the it's used at large sizes, but I'm also considering a version with counters.

4. The curly brackets were created on the grid and use the same corner angles and thickness as the rest of the forms.

5. I tried doing some lowercase letters but they weren't working out well in the grid but I'll revisit it soon.