(x) Green Side Up logo casual slab serif - Sixpack {Yves}

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Anyone know what typeface was used to create this logo?



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AKA Stanley (can't find a link for that one). :/

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AKA Toledo AKA Jester

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Yep, Sixpack is it. I can't find Stanley either...

Thanks for your help, Yves.

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No prob.

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A bit of clarification here ...

Your AKAs, Yves, are actually several slightly different fonts. All are based upon what were originally Filmotype faces. I'll give the original names in bold:

Apache was digitized as your URW Apache and Panache's Stanley.

August, then, was a little heavier and wider. Fontbank's Toledo (and Brendel's Cochise) are digital versions - and some version of August is what I think was used for your graphic, Roy.

Beaver was still slightly heavier and wider. Sixpack was made from that.

Avon and Parade were just plain different in lots of little ways.

If quality of digitization is a consideration, then keep in mind that the Fontbank and Brendel offerings were made way back in the earliest days of computer fontmaking. I can guarantee that the URW font is much better made. I don't know enough about Panache or have any of their fonts, so can't speak to the quality issue there.

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I bow to your dedication for going into such detail, Mike. Thank you very much for this clarification.

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