Humor in the 21st Century

Some days as I read what is doing on Typophile, I wonder what has happened to humor. It may be that we are from different nations and cultures and therefore do not understand each other as well as we could.

I wish we could all laugh together rather than demoralizing and picking on each other.


Is there a reason why you say that?

There does seem to be quite a lot that's amusing happening all the time on Typophile.

Doesn't seem that darksided really :)

Three guys ( a sushi chef, a goldsmith, and a typographer) in a rowboat that begins sinking due to excessive weight. They decide someone must go overboard to save the ship. The goldsmith says it can't be me, my work is too precious. The typographer says, let's throw the sushi chef out, he belongs with the fishes! The sushi chef grabs the typographer, wraps him in seaweed and pitches him in the ocean. The goldsmith says, "Why him?" and the chef replies, "I was just getting the lead out."
The typographer was screaming insults towards the boat from the freezing waves. The Goldsmith turned to the Sushi chef and said, "What was that all about? The sushi chef replied, "Ah, he is just out of sorts."


Hey, sometimes an ugly typeface is worthy of demoralization. ;o)

There have been a few topics in general discussions where I do wonder about people and what they've done to their humor, or if they ever had a sense of humor. (Fortunately, I had a wonderful grandmother who told dirty jokes and told me life was for laughing at on a daily basis, or why bother.)

Recently it has been the "You've been cited by the Design Police!" I cannot believe how bent out of shape and serious some are. I want to shake them and say, it's a joke - LAUGH. Before that it was the Miss Giggles and her how many women in advertising.

Too many serious folks in the world - and yet, the world has gone mad.

At least my world has. Sorry if it doesn't make sense, I didn't think it should. I'm just amazed at this time of my life when a person I thought was a friend could stab me in the back. And then twist everything around to want to look like a hero in doing it. I'm a believer in what comes around goes around - and well, people I do trust, remind me that it will take about a year or two, hang in there, "take the high road" -- but others will see what we do. BTW - even the "good old boy network" is at play here - and it is amazing how they can make things look like it is their favor. Again, you haven't a clue, but I'll put it to you this way, I'm ready to seek legal counsel as this person's actions have interfered with my business - and I think the good old boy network forgot - I'm a girl!

Meanwhile - aluminum I can think of several off the bat to demoralize - and I do mean typefaces. Some days I think back to my collection of typositor faces and wonder what were those designers thinking of!

Chris, next joke please. :-)

And last Writingdesigning - Dark Side isn't dark at all - we wear white hats! Several years ago, I belonged to a Porsche club out of Charleston, SC - and well, they didn't do much except once a month meet at a sports bar to talk. (2-1/2 hours drive, and hubby doesn't drink.) On becoming newsletter editor, I attended their board meetings and one of those meetings they were planning on things we could do. (I have been involved with car clubs a long time, and was the editor of a magazine named Auto Events.) Well, hubby put the club on a waiting list at Roebling Road Raceway, and a date came up. The club decided it was opposite a club race, so they wrote the track they didn't want it. The track contacted me - and with their help. the Dark Side was born. (Dark Side comes from the Florida Crown Region -- when one year the members of the board wanted more Driver Eds and their president circled his index finger around the room and told them they had all turned to the Dark SIde.) Our first DE had an $800 dollar profit - $500 to the Alzheimer Respite and $500 to start a bank account for the Soon to be new region, Coastal Empire. We've had many good DEs, where the Coastal Empire Region, and even one for Ocmulgee Region were put on.

This year I've taken back the Dark SIde and as you can see from the site, we are going to have a great time kicking off the Driving to Success program for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Hilton Head and Bluffton. We are expecting about 50 kids out there -- the track is giving them a Fire & Rescue demo. Our classroom instructor will be giving them a private session about what a DE is. Kevin of HHI has donated his time and money to give the children a BBQ. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but the Dixieland Cruisers may come out and give a Hot Rod car show for the kids (and our DE participants. We are also having the kids jump into cars and do what we call a family parade on the track (35 mph, no passing, no helmets necessary). We are even offering a photo op. Even better -- we are sending the kids home with a donation from the profits. (Something that hasn't been done since that first DE in November 2001.)

We seem to be building up a goodwill of momentum. Amelia Island Concours donated tickets that we auctioned off at another car club's luncheon. I think it amazed the winner that we had them write the check directly to charity (imagine 100% going to the charity). The Holiday Inn in Pooler has donated 2 weekends (for a 2-night suite) and that we will do at the track -- because everyone who goes stays somewhere nearby. And the Holiday Inn is our host hotel.

The site went up on January 13th. I'm happy to say we've had 307 unique visitors (and many repeat offenders) and that 55.5% have bookmarked the site.

Yesterday I had a call from a car club in Charleston - they want to have a rally that weekend and end up with us. I hope they do. When I described all the doings - the person on the phone asked if there was track time. I laughed and told him, "Everything I described is our sideshow - the main event is the Driver Ed."

If you are in the neighborhood, please come join us. Maybe you'll even want to do the DE part. If you aren't around, just keep the good thoughts coming.

Thanks for listening (reading).

Jackie, I had seen the site and do appreciate the wonderful work your team seems to be doing there. It's just that in the context of your original post, the name seemed irresistible for a pun. No offense meant. Thanks for the invite. I do hope your event would be a great success.

India is kind of far -

I laughed when the site was made - there is a German site of the Dark Side - but it is for a game.

Meanwhile, please say a prayer for hubby - I took him into the hospital tonight - and I don't know when I'll get him back. He had a procedure done recently and the doctor told me if he gets fever call. He had 102.2 this afternoon - and so I did call - they are now looking after him.

Thank you.