Vasarely Light

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This is the first typeface I've designed since I found this forum so I thought I'd get your opinions before I release it.

I haven't sorted out kerning yet and it needs a little more work but the bare bones are there. I plan to have 4 weights and matching italics/obliques.

Alan Rimmer

vasarelylight.swf (11 k)

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I think this got lost in the redesign - either that or it's unspeakably terrible!

Any input would be much appreciated!

Alan Rimmer

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I really like it - personally. I think it works great for headline - and obviously as body copy too. I think it is quite sexy - love those little lilting upswings (very technical terms there) on the tops of the lowercase letters. I kinda wish a bit o' that was incorporated into the caps - but then I don't know if it would be too much. It might be well balanced already.

Overall - fantastic - I'd totally use it. It's not abnoxious at all.

I won't comment on kerning or any other technicalities - just from visual appeal.

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it's got a great stencil feel to it, without being too informal/stencily.
i don't think the caps need the flourishes at all. it would be too distracting.
on the other hand, if there were alternates for drop caps, etc., that's a
different story.i dig the stroke intersections w/the soft brackets, if they
can be called that. pretty cool stuff.

am i the only one who sees the W as... well, think fifties pin-up poster.

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Thanks for your comments - I presume you're referring to the top of the 'a', '2', '3' etc when you say 'upswing'? I did start with that applied elsewhere but thought it affected the legibilty of the face too much - I really wanted to design the typeface as a very 'usable' one (if it's at all possible!)

I'm happy with the soft brackets but unfortunately when I've tried making the heavier weights this has been a problem as they look terrible with the wider brackets and really need thinner intersections. I think I may have to drop the heavier weights and maybe stick to to just two weights. Any ideas how to get around this problem?

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Just to let you know that that this typeface is finished and now available over at myfonts. I've changed the name to 'Venkmann' - Vasarely just didn't seem appropriate.

I stuck with the 2 weights (and italics) although I may do the others if I feel like it (and there's a demand).

...and I can't believe I first posted it here over a year ago!

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ALAN, I think Thatcher would be proud of you, long live the iron lady.

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Yo yo yo dis is d po-lice, put ur hands up-yeh1hi alan

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