in search of a digital Alphabet 26

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in search of a digital Alphabet 26

Dear Typophiles

I've searched the archives and I've googled the Google. I'm looking for a digital version of Bradbury Thompson's Alphabet 26. The archive pulls up discussion regarding dyslexia and another regarding unicase fonts. Not the topics I'm interested in.

Any mention of Alphabet 26 links to:, which states "Paul Baker, with feedback from the late Bradbury Thompson, has produced a new, digital version of Alphabet 26. It will soon be available here, and from Monotype Typography." There's no date on the article, nothing shows up elsewhere on the Baker website, and Monotype's doesn't list it either.

Though Peignot, Filosofia, Panoptica, and Hammer's uncials are all fine, I'm not looking for an alternative unicase. Any hints, suggestions, options? Is there an Alphabet 26 out there by another name? Or do clever folks just build one themselves?

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You are probably familiar with Gerald Giampa's Bodoni 26:

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Or do clever folks just build one themselves?

BT didn't even go that far, he just re-arranged the furniture. He used Baskerville because its lower case and small caps have the same x-height--at least, in the version available to him.

So if it's for your own use, you should be able to insert the a, e, m and n glyphs from the lower case into the small cap font, using a font editor, and spit out your unicase font pretty easily.

However, for full use, there may be some more work required, making small cap lining figures, and aligning the punctuation.

While there have been lots of redesigns of Bodoni, Garamond and Jenson, not so much Baskerville.