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letterpress shops Montreal/Calgary

"I was presschecking a job in Montreal recently and discovered Gravure Choquet Inc.I have never encountered such a clean, well-maintained shop. They specialize in letterpress, embossing (sculptured and flat) and foil stamping.


This was something posted by Ken Bessie several months ago ... I was wondering if he or anyone else has seen the kind of work Gravure Choquet Inc. in Montreal has done? do they print invitations? Are their results of good quality?

Also, does anyone know of a good letterpress shop in Calgary? I would need polymer plates made, not hand set type ... so I can have more control over the design. I'm in Montreal, but my clients are in Calgary ... It's my first time designing for letterpress and I'm not sure if I should physically be in the same city as the printer or whether it will be fine to have it printed somewhere else?



I had a class with Glenn Goluska who owns a letterpress workshop in Saint-Henri with hand set metal and wood type and a linotype machine. He doesn't have the equipment for polymer plates but he may know some folks here in Montreal who has it…


Unicom here in Calgary does cast type for sure, and I believe they also do plates -- I can call my friend there and ask on Monday, if you like (email me if you want her number directly), and I'm pretty sure Sundog does as well.

Doesn't matter where you get it printed, so long as you (and presumeably the client) do a press check -- do they want to go to Montreal or do you want to come here? We've got less snow.... ;-)

Thanks for your leads! I will definately look into them.

I know this is an older thread but there is also a company in Calgary called Purely Printing Letterpress. http://letterpresscalgary.blogspot.com