Script that works well with The Sans/PMN Caecilia?

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i'm searching for a casual script that could work well with a The Sans/PMN Caecilia combination. Casual is the keyword; nothing "too appealing", "too distinctive". Don't think "display", think more in the "handwritten" direction.

I'm far from being a "script guy" … ideas?


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Fresco Script ... it's Dutch, too :-)

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You could also look at Brisa

(But I suspect Fresco would be a better match)

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Just Lefthand, Erik Righthand. The original handwriting fonts — and Dutch too.

. . .
Bert Vanderveen BNO

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Thanks for replying,

Fresco Script is "too Fresco"
Brisa is too "wellness hotel"
Erik Righthand is too "Poster, too black"

I know script is a highly subjective thing, that's why it might be so difficult to find right –

Ok it's time for a new expanding definition;
A handwriting dutch thing with a more informal character.
Something like Lucida Casual in a handwritten style :)

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Yes Bert, good idea!

More suggestions are welcome, of course!

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Have you looked at the italics on Goudy Sans?

Other options are:
Sassoon Primary
Briem Script
Barchowsky Fluent Hand

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