MUSEO goes lowercase

Because of the many requests for a lowercase of MUSEO I decided to have another go at it. The only drawback is that it’s gonna take me longer to finish it.


Hi Jos. I’m not sure the lowercase a belongs with the other letters. I also see problems with the w between o and e, it creates some kind of “wave” effect. Other than that, I really like the uppercase and the face in general, great work so far.

Thanks Antonio. I've worked on the LC's for about a week now ... a really short time and everything is still open to change. I'm not sure about the a either although I like it much, I'm also considering the one on the image. I think you're right about w ... I've changed it slightly.

Almost there :-)

Jos... for the love of type can you charge for this.... we want you to be silly rich... silly rich!!... I will pay!

whoops forgot to put my emoticon on ;-)
I have already paid, though thinking... can pay more to get the italics?

No problem ... I didn't think you were going crazy ;-)

I've no plans making italics for Museo, but I am considering it for Museo Sans.

mmmm.... nice.. Museo sans, I guess it is a matter of 'watch this space'