Looking for a digital version of "Caratteri Franklin" shadow display face

I'm trying to ID and locate a digital version of this typeface, ... anybody recognize this?



This page looks like it comes from a specimen book by either Società Augusta or Nebiolo, two Italian type foundries. The latter acquired the former at some point during the beginning of the XX century. Keep in mind that in those days it was pretty common for typefaces to be copied from one foundry to the other and I’ve seen many instances in Nebiolo and Augusta specimens where they either copied foreign typefaces or have been copied themselves. So the typeface itself might or might not have been an original.

As far as I can tell I don’t think this particular typeface has ever been digitized, and it sure doesn’t have any relation to the Franklin we are used to, Franklin Gothic by Morris Fuller Benton. That’s about all I know at the moment, I’m afraid.

You won't find the same font, but you might find something of a similar flavor here: