Reagan Airport Type


I spotted this on a recent trip to Washington at Reagan airport and was intrigued by the extended "Northwest" type. The flat ends of the S threw me off because initially I thought this was as Aksidenz with the straight leg of the R. Any ideas?


This may be one of the many predigital Helvetica clones. ITC Blair and Trade Gothic Extended are also similar, albeit with the angled 'S' ends.

And there's Titling Gothic Wide which does have a flat-ended 'S' but whose rounds are more square.

Does Akzidenz Grotesk have an extended cut? Maybe it's that. EDIT: Yes it does, but I can't seem to find a type tester on the Berthold site to type "Northwest."

I think House Industries did a custom font for Dulles, but that's not the same airport right? Reagan used to be Washington International, right?


It’s not AG, which does have the angled-ended ‘S’.
@ adnix: Try for type testing or, for Stephen ;-)

Unfortunately, FontShop doesn't carry Berthold fonts so you can't test 'er there. But here's Akzidenz Bold Extended on MyFonts. That could be it.

Maybe it's custom from back in the day. Reminds me of the old Delta Airlines logo font


i don't think it's Akzidenz Bold Extended...look at the ‘W’ the prongs are too wide.

I think it's Venus Extra Bold Extended. I know of no digital version, but will try and upload a scan from an old VGC catalog later.

Scangraphic has a Venus Bold Extended with a very funky flared 'S'. And there's Font Bureau's Vonness.

Well, Vonness is definitely "loosely based ... ". I'm not sure why Scangraphics' version differs.

From the Photo Typositor Catalog (VGC), 8th Edition:

Either that or Annonce Grotesque, but the differences between these two are minimal.

The difference would be that Annonce is available digitally. Very nice find, Yves.

I quite like that face. ;^)

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