(x) Nouveau Lounge - Texas Hero, Chalet {Kent, J

I need an ID on both. The top one looks like P22 Cezanne and the other looks like ITC Ronda or Bauhaus.



here is another I would like to know. It is probably easy but I can’t find the ID.

The script is Texas Hero from Type Quarry.

— K.

Thanks Kent—I have Emily Austin (from that same foundry) so that can work for the same look. P22 Cezanne is too over the top for what I am doing.

Both of your sans samples are different weights of Chalet, from House Industries.


Top geometric sans is House Industries Chalet Tokyo,
bottom one is Chalet London 1970.

Hi J

I tied with Mr. Troubleman himself! Now I’m a proud type-ider.

Although I have to admit that you were more precise, Yves :-(