James Campbell & Son Insurance Brokers

Hi folks,

would be grateful if someone can identify this logo font.

many thanks


Thanks Stephen,

not sure though, think that photo is a bit blurred and the image is taken off a garment of some description so the text is a probably distorted though not sure its VAG rounded. this image may (or may not be!) a little clearer.

thanks again

Hi Paul, Stephen got the typeface it's just that your sample has been violently squashed.

thanks for that Sihep,

any ideas for the top text and the 'big C's'?

Been trying to identify the top text and the two big c's. Having bit of trouble though, would assume this text has been distorted too, trying to identify that C which is the clearest character and it looks bit like a distorted FF Dax http://www.identifont.com/show?KA or something similar? any help appreciated.

They could be hand drawn graphics, not a font. Or parenthesis.

thanks for the feedback pattyfab, the parenthesis idea probably isn't too far away from the truth, on a quick look through the Harrington brackets aren't dissimilar in construction, although i'd say they could have been violently squashed as above!
any other opinions welcome.


I'll bet the top text is VAG as well.

It's not VAG Rounded… Look at the LC "c".
It looks more like a tortured digital version of Futura to me…
Am I wrong?

Maybe. It's the soft edges that say VAG to me, but it's possible those are a result of the print.

I think Claudio is right about Futura. I think the image is just blurred.

- Mike Yanega

Actually the ampersand looks closer to Futura as well. This is actually really funny if you look back at the original squashed mess we were attempting to identify.

but the 's' looks much closer to VAG

And the ascenders/descenders don't seem long enough for Futura. Very strange.

Have a look at the banner on the website, I think it probably is supposed to be Futura.

guys thanks so much with your help on this, much appreciated.


Doesn't the image look as if it is curved as well? Sort of as if the left side is further away from the camera? If that is the case the s could be distorted and still could be Futura.

For the s: it's just the side-effect of the blur. The Ampersand speaks clearly, so if it's not Futura, it could just be a digital version of one of the many Futura-cousins, like Spartan, Super Grotesk or Twentieth Century, with the ascenders and descenders of different length.
It's curious to see how much VAG Rounded shares features with Futura…