Parallel Histories

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Based on the handwriting, possibly, of Juan de Yciar of Spain, 1600 CE.

There are about 100 ligatures, give or take, that work right now.

What I don't know how to do is implement contextual alternates/swashes/titling alternates in a way that doesn't make Fontlab explode :) I have multiple alternates, starting swashes and ending swashes, but I don't know how to make them work.

I have them sitting there in the file listed as:

How do you get an alternate of a swashed ligature? (This e_z swash has a tail that goes up, but this one has a tail that goes down...)

I think I would like it to work with dligs etc., so that the variations are still selectable via the Opentype panel.

Any suggestions?

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Hi there

I cant help you with I know the basic of codes and classes, but im learning.

I've allways wanted to do a script font, maybe this year i'll try, there is a historical document from my country with some intresting letterforms.

I relly like the way yours is comming out, is very faithful isn't it?
there are some letters i dont understand dough hehe, I would like to see it on use!



PS: Ive allways liked that "Q" ductus, oh, and sorry for the misspels


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That Q isn't even the biggest or the flashiest available! I kept only the "basic" characters for the standard U&lc. The alternates are so much cooler, but less "useable". (If only I knew how to program the dumb things in...)

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I need some feedback. FEEDBACK.

On the design side, by the way. I figured out the opentype coding stuffs.

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