Something by Hendrik Werkman

Hi, just wondered if anyone had a clue what font this was? This was taken from Herbert Spencer's book Pioneers of Modern Typography if that helps.




Hi Rafe,

that looks a lot like Annonce.

Annonce is a digitization and expansion of a 1912 Johannes Wagner Foundry classic called Aurora Grotesk, which also circulated later on in metal under the name Annonce.

Bold, extended and clear as a bell, Annonce stood out as the definite big sign font long before Helvetica and Venus. With angled cuts on some of the letters, it also shows humanistic traits that make it more appealing than any other face in its genre.

[Canada Type]

Thanks Florian,

Yeah the font does seem to be Annonce - but I cannot find the right weight anywhere on the net. Though this was from a pressing done in the 20's or so - no digital typefaces back then. Is it possible that the weight Werkman used wasn't digitised?


"but I cannot find the right weight anywhere on the net"

Isn't the weight of the Canada Type font the same as your sample?

The Jaspert "Encyclopaedia of Type Faces" says that Annonce Grotesk "is one of the most widely distributed typefaces" and was in the type catalogs of type foundries all over Europe. It says it was issued by Wagner & Schmidt 1914 under the name "Grotesk V" and later "Krupp Hallo". ("Annonce" was the Dutch name.) The description says nothing about other weights, except that an italic weight was added in 1959 by Ludwig & Mayer.

- Mike Yanega

The version made by Canada Type looks very much like a sample from an old catalogue, and I could only find one weight of annonce, called "vette annonce". Maybe the ink and paper make your version look a little bit more bold (or vet)