This can't be legal

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This is my first post to the forum. I've been interested in type design for a while now, but I just found this site. Recently as a project I was working on I thought it would be interesting to create a font using exclusively logo pieces. Consider this a modern day version of "The ABCs." I doubt this is legal to do, but feedback would be appreciated nevertheless.


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I should add that all of the points in this font are stolen.


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adbusters would eat this shiz up

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actually I don't think its all that illegal. I think you need to get permission from alot of people but - FUSE or Fontek (can't remember) someone anyway puts together sets such as this - military symbols, cartographic, commercial (visa, MC ect.) and international association logotype sets.

The tricky part would be in selling it - Why would any such firm or designer need these logos? whats the motivation? either they already have them as a client or they aren't needing them.

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This is great. Definitely submit this to Adbusters.

I did a similar thing for I Am Not Work. (Left to
right it's Iams, Netscape, Oakley, Toyota,
Westinghouse, Pepsi, Rusty and Kodak.)

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>The tricky part would be in selling it

I was never really was under the illusion that people would buy this font. The Spectacle doesn't include any full logos, and it's not intended to substitute for a quality set of logo fonts. It was more of a personal challenge to see whether or not I could replace all of the characters of the alphabet with readily identifiable trademarks. I'm actually making it as coursework for a class on activism and graphics.

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@issue included a poster once using this idea.
They used many of the same marks and it was
actually very pretty. I think yours is too.

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it would be fun for adbusters.
be careful with them though. A close friend developed a spoof ad once while doing her BFA 5-6 years ago. She submitted it to Adbusters - they replied declining to publish. 2 months later they developed their own - undeniably influenced by her submission.

otherwise you could add P from Pirelli tires, J from Johnson & Johnson if ya want more

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Hate to burst your bubble, but plazm fonts is giving away a typeface exactly like that for free on thier website. I guess that proves it would be legal though (or maybe thats why they're giving it away for free, since it might be illegal to actually sell the font).

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FontShop have also done a divider page (Script) in the 1998 edition of the FontBook using Capitalis Pirata by Roland Henss, a student FUSE font of 1993 based on the same principle. I still think it's a fun exercise, though, and there are countless possible variations (although chances are the "M" will be McShame's...).

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>Hate to burst your bubble, but plazm fonts is giving away a typeface exactly like that for free on thier website.

...and once again I am amazed at the smallness of the world. It shouldn't even surprise me anymore, but I'm consistantly amazed that so many things have already been done.

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karl, I don't know from where you are but the fact that Hess designed Capitalis Pirata should not bother you.
In fact Hess used many letters from german (I think) commercial logos and it would be really nice if everyone, from various countries, would produce a national version of Capitalis Pirata.

After all we might end up having the most world-recognizable set of letters from commercial logos. Capitalis Pirata is pretty close, but some letters and numbers are obscure to me.

Needless to say that probably it's legal until you give it away for free, or as a gift with another typeface at best.

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