Combining diacritics/overstrike in PostScript

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Combining diacritics/overstrike in PostScript

A while ago (before Unicode/OpenType support was widely available in non-pro applications) I specced Amplitude in an ID job, and now the client is starting to hit something of a wall as they find they have to type quite a lot of CE etc. characters (in proper names, generally). Now, Amplitude has all the required diacritics, but not all the required combined glyphs. Is there any simple way to make combinations/overstrikes in, e.g., Word or OpenOffice? The walk-throughs I've found have all involved editing formulae and all sorts of wizardry that would be well beyond my client's office staff.

NB, manual letterspacing is probably out as well. These are busy people!

And of course, subject to the license I could modify the fonts for them, but I can't believe there isn't an easier solution if the glyphs are in the font already ...