transitional in lead

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of i.d.'ing some drawers of donated lead type
for our community printshop. Does anyone know what this one is?




This is a condensed Century. Font Bureau's might be the closest match in width.

There is also Century Schoolbook Bold Condensed from Bitstream which is closer in weight.

Thanks Stephen.

My concern is correctly labeling the drawers rather than recreating it really.
Is just calling it Century Condensed 36pt. a close enough label?

I suppose the only way to i.d. the exact typeface would be through sample
books as opposed to online digitizations?

Are there any online sources you know of for such things?

Looking in Mac McGrew's great book on "American Metal Typefaces of the Twentieth Century" I can see that this looks identical to ATF's Century Bold Condensed, designed by Morris Benton in 1906, and released in 1909. This type was produced in sizes from 6 to 72 point, and also available from Monotype, Intertype and Ludlow, if I read the notes correctly.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks Mike.

That book seems like it would be a very useful resource for this endeavor.
I will continue to post my proofs of anything interesting I come across, maybe
they will inspire some revitalizations.