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Geometric Sans

I have seen this font a lot… does anyone know what it is?



"Invisible Sans"?

Ed, It looks like you need to find a smaller type sample, if it didn't attach, and maybe using a more descriptive title in smaller, less aggressive, type would be helpful and polite. For example, is the font you 'see everywhere' a sans serif or serif font? What wording is in your sample? This would identify your question better and attract people who know those styles to look at it.

BTW, this comment about more descriptive titles is directed at all posters. There are several advantages to being specific, not the least of which is that the moderators are less likely to change it for you into something you may not recognize. "What is this font?", or anything like it, is really useless, especially if 12 people use the same thing.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks for the advice Mike. It should be attached now!

Great. Seems like we had something like this recently. Similar, if not identical, to House http://United Sans.

- Mike Yanega

Fantastic, thanks!

Actually, the answer to the other post was a freebie called http://USAAF Stencil Font, and I think that fits this one too.

- Mike Yanega