John Dreyfus Type Specimen Facsimiles

I received the 1st volume of the John Dreyfus Type Specimen Facsimiles today. I am hoping to get the second set soon as well. James Mosley recommended them to me after I started to ask him questions about Elsevier Books and Type.

I am interested in any advice about things to look at and for in these.

Here are some images.


Hey Eben. May I ask which bookseller did you get this book from? All the usual ones have it at a quite hefty price, if I’m not missing something.

I got it from Powell's in Portland OR. The European sources do want more for it. I used Campusi, Bookfinder4you, Abe, Alibris, and Amazon. In the end the 2nd one was bought on There are also Antiquarian sources.

Would you like help finding a good price? If so, what price (in dollars) would be acceptable? What about shipping? If there is a particular think you would like a shot of I coould post that to flickr...

Hey Eben, thanks for all the informations. I usually use Abebooks or Ebay for my type-related acquisitions: Indeed, as with everything at the moment, buying stuff in the United States is much cheaper than in Europe, but then shipping either sucks or costs a lot. I’m afraid my budget for books is over for this month, but eventually I’ll get in touch with you to double-check some items that I’m looking at these days. Thanks again.