Looking for similar script and very bold typeface

Hi! does anyone know any similar typefaces that have the look & feel of this one? Sure it looks custom-made. I'm not really looking for this one, but for typefaces that have that same script, bold and somehow, friendly look. Some starting point would be nice.



This looks like Dax Black Italic.

Edit: But you ll obviously have to draw the 'connectors' yourself. I don't think these are very well executed in your sample, but nonetheless a nice idea.

If you are looking for bold connected scripts, Underware's Bello Script is certainly friendly.

- Mike Yanega

It might give you some ideas to browse Part 7 of the Script Font ID Guide. There are a variety of bold connected scripts shown there.

- Mike Yanega

How about Kari?

Those look like a good starting point! thanks to everyone!!!