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(x) Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival poster - Eurostile Cond {Marc O, Mike Y}


I´m not sure what typeface was used on the Coachella-posters....

reminds me of Anzeigen Grotesk

thanks so much in advance!


Eurostile Bold Condensed


I think this might be Eurostile Bold Condensed. The 't' threw me off, because I expected more of a hook like the other weights.

- Mike Yanega

Here's a link.

- Mike Yanega

Ooops! Marc beat me to it.

- Mike Yanega

Confirmed. Eurostile Bold Condensed. Dark Side of the Moon and FOR ALL FESTIVAL… are set in different weights of the extended. The lighter text in the lineup is Eurostile Condensed.

I used the Adobe Open Type version and optical kerning set to 0 for the lineup unless a small adjustment needed to be made.

GOLDENVOICE PRESENTS is set in Berthold Akzidenz Extended, COACHELLA is hand done, COACHELLA VALLEY ARTS… is set in DIN and then I believe I got back to Eurostile.


Paul - I was wondering if you'd chime in since I recognized this from your thread about handlettering.

Some of this was done so long ago Patty (the logo and surrounding type) that it was a bit hard to remember… :)

The identity grew like a weed - finally the city of Indio demanded that we give them some props or they wouldn't let us hold the festival there. Gotta love design decisions forced on you by bureaucrats. They were mad that the festival was called Coachella even though it was actually in Indio.


Hi Paul
Do you know if it's possible to get the Hand Drawn "Coachella" font? I do a T-shirt for me and a couple of friends to wear each year and I send Golden Voice one for them. I do it just to show support and advertise Coachella. Yes, I buy 3 - 7 of their shirts every year, but some of the designs don't do enough to show how cool it is, so I do one that incorporates some of the images that make it special from teh previous year, so I can explain it to people that don't go. I think it would be better to use their type instead of something I come up with, to make the event more recognizable!

That COACHELLA lettering looks hand-drawn, because the identical letters are a little bit different.

- Mike Yanega

Looks like a great line-up. Portishead alone...