Any Recommendations for an Economical Collection of Typeface Families?

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Although many are shopworn by now, one of the best gifts I ever got was when Adobe included a large chunk of their then-Postscript 1 library on, I believe, an Illustrator upgrade CD some 10 or so years ago. I'm wondering whether anyone knows of any similar legitimate collections of types both serif an sans for book-work from real foundries (not the "1000 fonts for a penny apiece" knock-offs that, essentially, steal from the fonts' real creators).

Thank you.

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If you qualify for educational pricing, then the Adobe collection Typefaces for Learning (or something of the sort) is the best value, with over 100 fonts for about $100.

The full Adobe package, like that of the other major foundaries, is several thousand dollars.

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There's a WIKI page for this that we started:

Font Starter Packs:

Always looking for additions to it if people know of any...

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