(x) Another name or source for OPTI Lariat Script - Anderson Script {Mike F}

I've used OPTI Lariat Script in a layout, and apparently, the font is corrupt. I cannot find it anywhere to purchase it. Does anyone know if this font has been created under a different name, or know a source from which to purchase it? (I have written Castcraft, the foundry but have heard nothing yet.)


Castcraft sucks.

Opti created nothing whatsoever original fontwise. Your desired font was originally Filmotype's (predigital) Lariat Script. The only other digitization I'm aware of is David Rakowski's Anderson Script.

I'm afraid you're right. I grew concerned when I went to their LOVELY website! But come on, it's such a familiar typeface, like Ribbon's copy, Coronet, it must have (or be) a doppleganger.

Martha Hoyle

Ah, Anderson Script. Thanks so much for the info. I tracked it down at Intecsas font foundry. (Unless you know of another source?)

M. Hoyle

Well, I linked to one source. I see that it's cheaper at Fonthaus, though.

also check out Mark Simonson's Lakeside

Fantastic! You're a FONT of information. Thank you.

Unless you need that EXACT font, take a look at Blackjack:

Filmotype Lariat is on our plate for its eventual redigitization from the original films . . .


I can't believe I've been functioning without typophile as a resource! I feel as if I have a panel of experts at finger's length.

Lakeside is nice. I was using Lariat Script in pull-out quotes, and the height of the caps would have made it awkward. Nice to know about for future projects, however.

You DO have a panel of experts at finger’s length Martha. ;^)

Nick Cooke

You tell em Nick! Hee hee.

In case anyone's still reading this particular series--

GiddyUp is a a lot like Lariat, without the nice rope detail:

Found Typophile, looking online for the Lariat font too, for a client--definitely another oldie but goodie, looking forward to Stuart & FontDiner coming out with a digital version!
In the meantime, signed on to Typophile too.