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Here is a suggestion for the improvement of Acrobat Reader.

Make a setting so that you can choose a cream paper background rather than just standard screen white. So that when a document is put on the web it looks more like print on paper. Maybe also make that background colour non-printing so that it doesn't look awful when output to a b&w laser printer.

I know one could do something like this now, by setting the page colour in the document preparation program like InD or Quark or LaTeX. But putting it into Acrobat Reader with a simple switch to turn it on or off would make it a lot simpler.

What do you guys think?

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Great idea. Make sure you suggest it Adobe's Feature request page.

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You can already do this in Reader. Go to Edit > Preferences > Accessibility. Then, under Document Colors Options, click the Replace Document Colors checkbox. Next, click the Custom Color radio button. Then click the Page Background: button and select a color from the standard palette, or click Other Color... and create your own color. The selected color shows up on the screen but doesn't print. You can also change the text color if you want to, using the Document Text: button. These choices are "sticky" and apply both to the file you have open and to any files you open subsequently.

This won't do any good on the web, though, because -- nominally -- the webmaster can't control how users have their Reader set up. (Actually, I can think of at least one way to do it automatically, but imposing that on users doesn't seem ethical to me.)

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"What do you guys think?"

Even simpler, don't publish PDFs. Publish HTML. Then the user can easily look at it ay way they want. (Granted, that doesn't help us that need to look at PDFs...)

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Gus you are a PDF fount of knowledge.

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