Don't install 10.5.2 if you are using FontExplorer X

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Dozens of website report that Mac OS 10.5.2 is not compatible with Linotype FontExplorer X. When FontExplorer is running most apps won't start and the dock will freeze. So be warned!


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Just learned this the hard way. Quitting FEX solves the problem, but it's a shame to be without the app that has become the best font manager on the Mac. Let's see how quick Lino can be with an update.

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Yep — same problem here :(

I don't wonna go back to 10.5.1.
Is there any official news from linotype regarding an upgrade?

Does anybody has experiences with FAP 4?
I still have a license lying around from pre FEX days, I'm thinking about upgrading…


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if you set your stacks to view as list the problem goes away.

oooww what's that link above... an update! HOORAY!

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Man — that's amazingly fast. Thank you Linotype! And it's free!

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Indeed. I am continually impressed with the FEX dev team. Extra bonus: 1.2.3 launches much quicker than the previous version.

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Does Apple’s Q&A group seriously not have a machine running FEX? It’s not an uncommon program among Mac users!

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Apple may have given the FEX dev team a heads-up prior to launch.


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