Footnotes in InDesign CS 3 Tables?

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Footnotes in InDesign CS 3 Tables?

Would anyone know how to do footnotes in Tables (in InDesign CS3)? I know how to do them in general text, but when I try and do the same thing in Tables, it doesn't work!


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If you are talking about general principles about the arrangement of footnotes to tables, see "Chicago Manual of Style," 1.184 and 13.43 through 13.50.

If your use of "Tables" with a capital T refers to some kind of software for making tables, then I don't know nothin'.


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I am currently writing, in my spare time, "CJKV Information Processing" Second Edition. It is due out by year's end. I am using InDesign CS3. First Edition was done using FrameMaker, and was very table-heavy, with plenty of table footnotes. Anyway, I came up with a way to handle table footnotes in InDesign. To see the results, get the following PDF from Second Edition, which is the 13th page from Chapter 3 in progress:

Here is how I did it. I set up a new Cell Style called TableNotes. In it is defined a rule, that separates the table notes from the table proper. At first, I tried to make this a footer row, but when the table broke the page, the table notes would be repeated. So, I made this as the last row in the table proper. The line above, which is last row of the table proper, is made stick to the row for the table footnotes. To handle numbering, I set up two Paragraph styles: CellTableNote_Start and CellTableNote. The first table note of a table, of course, is tagged with the former. Subsequent ones are tagged with the latter. Even if there is more than one table note, it is a single table row, but with multiple lines. Of course, if the table has multiple columns, this row spans all of them. The table note references in the table proper are handled manually, but because each table is self-contained, it's not a big burden. Until InDesign handles references, this must be done. Anyway, this technique is working for me.

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