Couple of Font ID requests....

Hi guys,

I've recently been enjoying looking at's annual reports. I really like the infographics he's put together there and there are a couple of fonts I'd love to be able to identify.

The first ones are the typefaces used on the Hello China, Goodbye Nepal. (I've got a close match with garamond, and thought futura for the smaller sans - but it still doesn't look right)

example -

The other I'm very keen on identifying is the tall slender caps typefaced used on the annual report

example -

I thought i had this nailed with Block Gothic RR Light Extra Condensed, but there are still some discrepancies.

Any suggestions appreciated. I've tried all the usual identifying tools, alas no luck.



Hi David,

The first is the serif
Isn’t that Hoefler Text?

Has been discussed many times.
Search is your friend.

As for the serif, Florian is right.