Two popular sans serif typefaces

I've managed to escape knowing these two typefaces, although they're quite popular. The first is the sans serif Print magazine uses for its body copy. It's a wide typeface, and is rounded when it's bolded. Does anyone know this without me scanning and posting it?

The second (I've attached) has a lowercase l that curves at the baseline and a slightly squared o.


FF Din

FF DIN for the sample. Please post a sample for the Print magazine.

And according to this thread print mag uses Gotham Round …

Hi, Thomas.

Oh, outrenkoed! ;°)

I have Gotham, so Gotham Round it is. Thank you so much all of you!

Martha H.

Oh, outrenkoed! ;°)

What a funky neologism. :^D

And a nice good evening to you too, Florian.

Hi Rainer :)