What typeface is this?

Please ID this font!

It's from: http://welt-staat.de


Audimat by Jack Usine.


Great! Thank you very much!

By the way, that mark looks uncannily close to [[http://www.eatock.com/project/london-olympic-logo|one the proposals]] for the London Olympics 2012 logo.

Yes, you are right! But the proposal has not a central hole, the circles are well arranged. I wish good luck to that proposal, the others I found by Google image search are much less interesting! But I think it's too different to say that's a ripp-off!

here are some information about this project:

A government, ministries and authorities, an own history, news and events – a corporate design and corresponding websites. – Welt-Staat simulates a fictitious and virtual global state on the internet.
The story of Welt-Staat is narrated with the help of internet pages. It’s a non-linear story; the visitor can learn about the state in an individual way by clicking through several pages and wiki entries.

Welt-Staat ist the diploma thesis of Alexander Brauch and Patrick Müller, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel. the two communication designers founded their own state and revived a structure of ministries and companies.


''I think it’s too different to say that’s a ripp-off!'

I did not mean to suggest that at all!