What typeface is this?

Please ID this font!

It's from: http://welt-staat.de


Audimat by Jack Usine.


Great! Thank you very much!

By the way, that mark looks uncannily close to one the proposals for the London Olympics 2012 logo.

Yes, you are right! But the proposal has not a central hole, the circles are well arranged. I wish good luck to that proposal, the others I found by Google image search are much less interesting! But I think it's too different to say that's a ripp-off!

here are some information about this project:

A government, ministries and authorities, an own history, news and events – a corporate design and corresponding websites. – Welt-Staat simulates a fictitious and virtual global state on the internet.
The story of Welt-Staat is narrated with the help of internet pages. It’s a non-linear story; the visitor can learn about the state in an individual way by clicking through several pages and wiki entries.

Welt-Staat ist the diploma thesis of Alexander Brauch and Patrick Müller, Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts in Kiel. the two communication designers founded their own state and revived a structure of ministries and companies.


''I think it’s too different to say that’s a ripp-off!'

I did not mean to suggest that at all!