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Hello everybody,

I'm new on this forum as a registered user, but i read a lot of your topics during the development of my first typeface,
so, first of all, thanks!

Second of all, i'd like to read your opinion about Claus, the typeface i'm trying to develop for about 2 months...

I decide to develop a typeface as an exercise to understand how typography works...

Any kind of critic is accepted..

hope to hear you soon


P.S. Obviously I'm posting a beta version....I hope through your suggestion I'll avoid a lot of mistakes

presentazioneSmall.pdf107.45 KB
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That is very refreshing sans. It has a friendly vibe like you get form something like Porchez' Costa.

The balance between the word space and the letter spacing is off to me. The letter spacing is a little too tight I think. Try tracking it out a little. Or you could shrink the word space, though I think that would be more of a display setup.

Good work!

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Thanks Randy, I will try what you suggest, spacing and kerning are the most difficult things I think...

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You are welcome!

Also, most of the letters are relatively narrow, which is fine. But with that in mind, some of the letters seem a little wide (VWXYZ, and u).

Top right of the K is low.

S spine needs attention

The joins on your diagonals WVM etc seem too flat to me, but my preference is more of a point when possible.

Take another look at your stem connections in letters like nmhbd etc. It seems like the arch stroke gets thick again before it joins the stem instead of tapering down until it joins.

And yes, spacing is difficult. But like all parts of type design, it is mostly about training your eyes how to see. To see that something is wrong, and even harder to see what is making it wrong. It looks like you have good instincts for it, so keep going!


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Very, very refreshing, as Randy said. A very good font, i say. Keep up the good work.

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