Carole King's "Tapestry" album typeface

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Longshot here, but a client would like to try and replicate the display font from Carole King's landmark album
Doubtful that it's actually a typeface, more like hand drawn piece of art. But, I have to ask...

Anybody out there know of a font that's even remotely close?

Thanks in advance for any replies!
Dr. Theopolis

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Here are your caps - but this digitization doesn't have a lower case. I expect it is a font, but may not be digitized in the form you see it.

A search on for "nouveau" will turn up some similar fonts, many from Solotype.

Ah there ya go. I just found Ambrosia in my Art Nouveau fonts Dover book but I was beaten to the punch.

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Wow. Simply "wow". Thank you both! I would have spun my wheels for hours!

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Has Carole King got six toes in that photo?

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