Disappearing in Strand Bookstore

I went to Strand Bookstore with some friends today. I looked around in the rare books section a little, then I went to the graphic design and typography sections. (They're right next to each other.) It actually took me a while to find the typography section; it's right where it says on the map, but it's in shelves right underneath the table of comic books.

So I sat down on the floor right next to that shelf and looked at a bunch of books there. After having selected six books, I went downstairs to look at ergonomics textbooks.

On my way down, I met one of my friends. My friends had been looking for me for about half an hour. The friend whom I met had only just thought of looking for me in the typography section.

I hadn't brought my cell phone, so my friends had even had the store announce over the loudspeaker that they were looking for me, but I didn't hear the announcement because I was so engrossed in the typography books.

It turned out that I had been in there for a couple hours. Unfortunately, everyone else was bored of shopping for books, so I didn't get to check out the ergonomics textbooks.


Nice story, Thomas. It's a great place to get lost for two hours. :-)

I was delighted with your story, it just proves that I'm not the only one getting lost in bookstores. After a couple of such incidents my husband doesn't join me in them anymore, especially if the design department is of any quality/size. Instead, we agree a meeting point in a few hours' time and he can do as he pleases.