A deeply unimportant question

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Which icon should I use for typophile?

(Bonus question: what are these letters from?)

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Keep the current Icon

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I may second that. Keep that one.


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The one YOU like. (It doesn't need to be typographic... What's wrong with the current one?)

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Create an animated .gif that slowly disolves between all three.

Cheers, Si

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The second one is Econo Lodge. The other one is driving me crazy.

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Silly me, they both are.

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I think you should use either:
a) a picture of an Alaskan mountain
2) an elf, or alternately, any Seattle Seahawks imagery
iii) a nightvision-wearing G.I. Joe-like head
IV) a picture of you


five) a weird grainy monkey candle photo

Your pic :)

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five) a weird grainy monkey candle photo

is that what it is... i'v ebeen trying to figure that out for ages.... although i still can't really see the monkey....

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numero dos.

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I'm going to have to give this answer:
Your mom.

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My avatar

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Good job, Chris!

Original photo is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eeblet/266625039/. I may just stick with my current icon, but I was amused by both of the e's, and I wanted idle conversation on the topic. Thank you for obliging, all of you/y'all/you-uns. (Stupid english.)

Nice monkey.

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since your user name begins w/ ee, why not:

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Good job, Chris!


Beth, after following your flickr link I realized that your flickr icon has the same color palette as your Typophile icon... but the two pictures look like complete opposites! Almost like a Jeckyll and Hyde split, or a funhouse mirrorview... ;-)

Dan, I used to have a monkeylike candle that a friend gave me as a going-away present... Don't know where it is these days, but I had it in my bedroom for ages.

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I like the title of this topic. It could be used for a recording. Perhaps by the group Shishi

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I still like the "live long" one.

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> Create an animated .gif that slowly disolves between all three

Or not.

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Not Animated! Arrrrrgh.

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Heh, I am pleased to have started controversy. Let's see.... how about Obama vs Clinton? Mac vs PC? How awesome Arial is? Just kidding.

I might stick with my current icon until bored with it. I suppose it is the same palette as my flickr icon, but it's kind of inevitable when you live in a bright green room.

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