Would you like to help me with homework; or, What is the two-letter abbreviation for Cheltenham?

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I find myself reformatting a page of type specimen boilerplate based on a sheet of Akzidenz Grotesk for a design class. However, I know diddly squat about the origins of this page...perhaps its from an old Berthold book (judging from the body copy) or something? I'm looking for the official two-letter abbreviation for Cheltenham that would appear where the "Ak" is (upper-left corner).

Any help would be appreciated...thanks!

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I don't know that there are two letter abbreviations for fonts, the way there are for countries and states.

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My guess is that's just an index indicating the letters beginning the first font's name - like you'd see at the top of a dictionary page for easier thumbing-through ("cil - cla").

So if your Chelt is the first font on the page, I'd use Ch.

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I think so too.


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Cool. I didn't think anyone standardized that kind of thing. Thanks for taking on my silly question! Enrico

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