Oh, and by the way, we're doing porn

Responded to a Craigslist ad this week for a graphic designer. Man on the phone sounded a little distracted and there were voices in the background, but he eventually said that he had a lot of projects on hand that I could work on, and I should come downtown and talk to him.

So yesterday afternoon I went downtown to his office.

The man I'd spoken to wasn't there and nobody knew where he was, but I talked to someone else.

It came out in the course of our rather casual brief chat (he was typing on the computer and talking to other folks the whole time) that they were building porn sites, and wanted someone to help work on the front end for a database of "girls" available for various roles and purposes.

I did wish I'd been told before going that it was a question of adult entertainment. I have no moral imperative against the existence of porn, but I've found that the atmosphere around this world is not good, tending towards a lack of respect and reliability (viz. making an appointment with me then forgetting it the next day).

More CVs out today.


Thats an amazing story.

When I lived in Chicago I answered an ad for a graphic designer that turned out to be for Vivid Video, which was/is a major porn company. They were looking for someone to design slipcases for VHS tapes and the like. I interviewed with the office manager, and she said "after a while it's like auto parts." I didn't take the job, partly because I wouldn't know what to tell my mother, and partly because I didn't want to get as jaded and burned out as that office manager seemed to be.

I see a lot of ads for porn jobs here in DC. I think they’re up front about it because they usually want someone to do really low-class art for really freaky porn. Craiglist makes me very happy to be an in-house designer at a nice professional organization.

The problem with porn is that it’s a context where tasteful design is usually bad design. It would be like doing design for Wal-Mart. That and I’m pretty sure it would be hard to get used to coked-up porno girls running around topless.

A grad-school colleague of mine signed up with a temp agency for some extra money, and her first placement was at a printer. Her job was to insert the pornographic magazine subscription cards into the pornographic magazines on the assembly line.

And she got carpal tunnel syndrome from it to boot!

Great, they can at least be honest about it so you can bow out if you want to.