World peacE


My first graphic on this theme using the peace font Wahei created by Luc Devroye.

Colours represent individual nations/peoples, each nation/peoples peace sign is slightly different variation. The colours also rep other stuffs too, such as the environment, candy life savers... Although the grouping of peace signs are bunched tight together showing unity, each peace sign sould seem 'balanced' on top of one another, idea being a peaceful diverse balance.

Stencil variation next.

Thanks again Luc for the font!!

Very nice. I like it!


Thanks for the comment Sharon!

This piece is surprisingly vibrant, its going to make a great poster. And that squiggle character is my signature. I've been drawing it since grade school...

Very nicely done. You should e-mail Luc a copy. He would love it.

Thanks Dennis! And yeah I got in touch with Luc before I finished the piece and sent over a gif. He thinks it's wonderful - great remark which I deeply appreciate. And fer sure he will get a copy.

Most creative comment the graphic has received thus far - " would make an awesome shower curtain."

Friggin brilliant!

Sometime, I would buy a copy. I have some business expenses I have to meet right now, but in a few weeks, I would love one.


Thanks much Sharon!


Today I pimped it around to some mags and over at the U.N. too... I'm going to see how far I push this piece, before it pushes back.